Call of Duty Mobile Tops Download – Ahead of PUBG and Fortnite

Call of Duty Mobile Download by Numbers

Mobile Battle Royale games are today’s trend and they seem to be here for the long haul. The past couple years saw the rise of mobile gaming. More noticeable is starting from the launch of PUBG that came first on console and PC. The came PUBG Mobile which proved to be a massive success since […]

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode Coming On 23 October

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode on 23 Oct

Hello all PUBG Mobile lovers and players. The much awaited PUBG Mobile Payload Mode is coming on 23 October. Specifically, it will be available in India from 8:30am on 23 October 2019. Excited much? Well, so are we. The latest PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 has brought many changes and new features with the hype of […]

Fortnite Chapter 2’s Brand New World Introduced

Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Fortnite was down for a an update. Chapter 2 is here. Welcome to the new age in Fortnite. On Tuesday, gamers saw the black hole cliffhanger resolved with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2.  The popular battle royale game was offline for almost 40 hours this past weekend as part of a dramatic event that ended season 10. Fortnite’s […]

PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 Released – Check New Features

PUBG Mobile Update

For all the lovers of PUBG Mobile game, Tencent has released the latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 today. The detailed patch notes has been released yesterday and the same is available for review. Check out the 0.15.0 update Patch Notes below. PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 Patch Notes “This update comes with the new Payload Mode […]

PUBG Mobile India Tour Wild Card Entry Completed: Grand Finals Next

OPPO PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019

PUBG Mobile India Tour is the current Official PUBG Mobile Tournament held for the Indian region. Sponsored by OPPO Mobile Phones, the tournament has four groups viz. Group A, B, C and D. The in game qualifier and further progression into the group finals were held at a different schedule. The group finals were also […]

PUBG Mobile Update To Get Assassin Creed’s Ledge Grab Feature

PUBG Mobile Update

Attention all PUBG Mobile players! PUBG MOBILE Update is coming this October 16 which includes the ledge grab feature available in Assassin Creed. The latest PUBG Mobile Update will be version 0.15.0 and here’s what we know so far. The popular Battle Royale game PUBG MOBILE is keeping up well with noticeable updates month after month. This […]