Link building is no stranger in the digital marketing industry. In fact, it stands as one of the most effective strategies to increase rankings. When done right, quality link building may bring many positive benefits to your business. And when done wrong, the rankings you’ve made may decrease and disappear. 

The fact of link building being an industry norm in digital marketing doesn’t mean that digital marketers have become masters of it. Link building isn’t easy, especially with how search engines consistently change their metrics for ranking in relation to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether you’re new or seasoned in link building, it still pays to have a few insights on what you should and shouldn’t do. 

Let’s dive right into the basic insights and strategies worth learning to come up with quality white-hat SaaS backlinks.

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  • Apply Guest Blogging Strategically

Guest blogging refers to the process of writing content for another company’s blog or website. For it to be effective, those blogs you choose to ‘guest’ in should at least be within or closely related to your niche. 

You don’t just do guest blogging for the purpose of getting random links. It’s overkill and sure to hurt your rankings more than actually benefit it by increasing your organic search traffic. Rather, a better practice is to post an article on a website relevant to your niche. Moreover, it also has to be an authority website. 

It is what it means to be strategic with guest blogging. If not, you may have links on your blogs, but those will only come off as spammy to your readers and target market, particularly when those links don’t have any value.

  • Open Up Your Products And Services To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to gain more reviews, mentions, and hypes about your products and services. In turn, those reviews and mentions can open you up to more linking to your site, now that there’ll be buzz surrounding your brand. 

To be successful with affiliate marketing, you have to be extra selective about whom you choose to enter into that affiliate agreement. Internet superstars are your best bet, but opt for the ones who are also within your niche. If not, a mismatch might occur, and it will be extra obvious that the affiliate is actually just paid to talk about your products, and they don’t actually use it. 

To be more effective with link building, for example, if you’re selling parenting-related products, then reach out to Vloggers or Bloggers whose focus is on their daily lives as parents. They’ll be more believable when they talk about your products and services as it makes more sense for them to use what you have.

  • Use Link Building Tools

Technology isn’t amiss with software, apps, and tools that can make link building easier and more streamlined to process. Thus, it’s up to you to use those to your advantage to make link building more effective for your site. And by ‘effective,’ the best determinant here is that you’re actually able to generate nothing less than top-quality and high-traffic links. 

There are many tools online, and you only have to do your research. Each has its respective pros and cons that you’ll have to match with your website’s needs, preferences, and specifications. Moreso, you have to check through the features of each link building tool, as it should help you perform the following functions:

  • Find links;
  • Do competitor research;
  • Sort the links;
  • Manage influencer or affiliate sources.
  • Contact Those You Mention Or Link To

When you’re writing and posting content for your website, you’ll most likely link to other websites as well in the process. And that is what link building is all about, after all.  

After linking to those authority websites, you may want to take the step up a notch higher by contacting those you’ve linked to and informing them about it. You can even send them a copy of your published article. As you do so, it won’t hurt to ask a very friendly and gentle side note if they’d like to consider returning you the favor. 

Even if the answer may not always be in the affirmative, it’s a good move that you’ve reached out. It lets those other authority sites know of your existence, too, so you’re not invisible to them anymore. Who knows, in one article, they may finally link back to you as well.

Final Thoughts

The notion that link building is a dead digital marketing technique isn’t necessarily true. It’s dead only for those who have consistently failed to deliver good results. For businesses who make the extra effort in acing their link-building strategies, link building is as alive and real as it is effective. When you gather the basic strategies above as one, you can safely classify them all as the golden rules of link building. Try it one tip at a time, and see what difference it can make to your rankings.