Kevin Mayer, who has now become the CEO of TikTok, has exploded with extreme popularity across the social media platforms in this pandemic. The top streaming executive of Walt Disney, Kevin Mayer, resigned from the company to take over the role of CEO of TikTok.

TikTok is the app that is used to make and share short videos across the world. Mr. Mayer, who is 58 years old, will be reprising the role of CEO and COO of ByteDance. It is the conglomerate of China that owns TikTok. He expressed his happiness across the social media platforms and also shared his joy working with Disney.


Furthermore, he also stated that there are two significant possibilities in the gaming and music industry. Also, the app, TikTok, has witnessed about 1.9 billion times of installations across the world. With over 172 million downloads across the United States, the app is extensively used in numerous states of the US.

Moreover, during this pandemic, the popularity of the app has hugely increased. The popularity of the app has been by far the hugest success in the digital platform from China. With the US disrupting its services, numerous agencies are barring employees from downloading this app.
With Kevin Mayer taking over the CEO position, it is expected that there would be many changes in the strategies and approach towards the US. Moreover, TikTok has already hired many American executives and staff to operate and review the content of the app.

As Mr.Mayer would be running as the COO and CEO of two companies, he will probably come with a clear and crisp link.

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