One of the nicest things about freelancing is that you may utilize a variety of abilities to earn money rather than being restricted to just one. You may alter things, produce something from nothing, and profit from it. But before you go any further, you need software to execute these procedures. These programs may be downloaded and licenses can be bought online. A connection to quality internet will provide you with seamless access to online software.  Because Xfinity offers some of the greatest internet services in the nation, we advise you to reach out to Xfinity customer service as fast as possible. 

Here are a few programs you should be familiar with so you can install them and make money.

Premiere Pro by Adobe

Adobe is renowned for its large selection of intelligent software that requires very little from the user to get tasks done. They’ve added artificial intelligence, or AI, to their software, which has greatly simplified your life. With Adobe Premiere Pro, which is used exclusively for video editing, you can do a lot. You can edit podcasts, add amazing effects and transitions, make hyper lapses, time lapses, and slow-motion films, as well as color grade your videos. You can even stitch clips together and sync audio from a professional microphone. In fact, because of this software, you may make a nice living by skillfully editing videos for others.

Adobe Photoshop

If you want to study and apply picture editing as a talent, Adobe Photoshop, which is known as the greatest program for the job, should be at the top of your list. With Photoshop, the possibilities are unlimited for what you can do with your photos. Photoshop is a very interactive program. It also contains artificial intelligence, which accelerates and simplifies processes. With Photoshop, you can edit any kind of photo, including ones from weddings, birthdays, portrait sessions, landscape shots, and even wildlife photography. Simply learning how to utilize the program is all that is required.

FL Studio

When it comes to creating music, FL Studio is one of the most popular programs. FL Studio is used by music producers all around the globe because of how interactive it is and how simple it makes things. You can experiment with it and learn how things operate since it allows you a lot of creative freedom, and before long, you’ll be producing your own music. If you are someone who is already familiar with utilizing it, all you need to do is purchase the program and get started using it right away. The vocalists you sell your beats to may then incorporate your music into their tracks. You may even create mashups, medleys, or remixes of songs that are already in existence. There are many options available to you; what counts is what you find interesting.

Adobe Illustrator

The greatest graphic design work may be done using Adobe Illustrator, which is in high demand at the moment for persons who can work as graphic designers. Illustrator employs a vector format rather than pixels, ensuring the great quality of your work. With Adobe Illustrator, you may create a wide range of things, including digital art, posters, pop-up art, human-based art, media walls, posters, and even company logos. Since many organizations have begun concentrating on digital marketing for their operations, most of it has to do with social media, you may create social media posts using Illustrator. Simply ensure that your posts meet the resolution and other standards of the social media applications to ensure that they maintain their quality and don’t need to be cropped.


A content writer’s best buddy is Grammarly. It can assist you in correcting your grammar mistakes, and if you decide to purchase Grammarly’s premium edition, it can also assist you in avoiding plagiarism. The Microsoft Office add-in is free, but a premium membership that is more comprehensive and helps with plagiarism costs money. Once you’re through writing, you may run your work via Grammarly, which utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and repair all of your grammatical faults.

Wrapping Up

If you want to freelance, you should certainly think about purchasing any of the products listed above. All of this software may be learned by trial and error, or you can just visit YouTube and watch instructions after the tutorial!