6 Tips to Hunt Sika Deer

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Have you always had sika deer hunting on your hunting wish list? Hunting sika deer can be fun, exciting, and challenging. They are most active at night and are called ”marsh ghosts” as they will disappear like a puff of smoke when they sense danger. In this article, we discuss tips to help you successfully hunt sika deer.

  1. Sika Deer Scouting

    Scouting for hunting is very important and it is also crucial when hunting sika deer.  Marshes, wetlands, oak fields, thick stands of phragmites, and around field edges are some of the areas to glass for sika deer. Set up not far from these areas and glass them in search of sika deer.

    Sika deer can easily sense danger and will disappear in a second. Therefore, you must be careful and avoid detection when glassing for them. If they feel unsafe in the area, they will move to safer grounds.

    Additionally, they eat catbrier, marsh grass, mast, and poison ivy. When scouting for sika deer, look for these as they are food sources for sika deer. There is a good chance that you will find them feeding on these.

    Moreover, keep an eye out for wallows. They create wallows to urinate in them to mark their territory, especially during the rut. If you discover wallows in the area as you scout for signs of sika, that will be a good sign that sikas are active in that area.

  2. Predator Calls

    Predator calls have been used by hunters for a long time; they can be very effective to lure the animal out of its hideouts. Sika deer is no different. When hunting sika deer, hunters use predator calls to lure them. There are many different predators calls that mimic distressed animals as well as females that are in search of a mating partner during the rut.

    Predator calls will bring out a response from the sika deer that have bedded deep in its safe haven.

    Sikas communicate with each other using vocalizations. If you can learn and master some sika vocalizations, you will greatly increase your chances of sikas during the rut. One trick is to learn how to bugle like a stag. If you bugle like a stag, it might bring lure an aggressive stag out looking for the rival stag that is bugling.

    Additionally, you can experiment with other predator calls and see if they bring any response from Sikas.

  3. Using Bait

    Hunters also use bait to lure sika deer out into the open for a good shot. Hunters use food scraps, agricultural crops, and warm-season grass as bait when hunting for sika deer. Poison ivy, catbrier, soybeans, and mast are also things they eat and hunters use them as bait.

  4. Spot & Stalk

    One of the popular and effective methods used by hunters is the spot & stalk hunting method. It is also effective when hunting sika deer. Sika deer cover a lot of ground quickly which makes the spot and stalk hunting method very challenging to implement. If you are in good physical shape and up for the challenge, then the spot and stalk method can be used when hunting sika deer.

  5. Still Hunting

    Still hunting is another hunting method used by hunters when hunting sika deer and other wild game animals.  When still hunting, you want to set up a treestand to sit in, watch for your target and take a good shot when the target comes within range.

    Still hunting is a more practical hunting method than spot and stalk when hunting sika deer. Still hunting allows you to remain in one position while you wait for the deer. Additionally, with still hunting, the elevated position allows you to remain undetected and take out out of the view of the sika deer.

    One of the best things you can do is to figure out where they are bedding and find their trails feeding in and out of their bedding areas. Hunters then find a spot not far from their bedding areas and travel routes to set up  treestand and wait for the deer.

  6. An Outfitter

    Hiring an outfitter is another option when you want to hunt sikas. The advantage an outfitter brings to the table is his experience and knowledge of hunting sikas. An outfitter will know the movements and behaviors of the animals. Moreover, the outfitter will know the areas the sikas are located and cut the learning and searching curve dramatically for you.

    Additionally, they know the outfitter will know the right weapon to use for hunting sikas as well as the laws regarding hunting the animal. Also, if situations like an injury or an animal attack occur, the outfitter will have the experience to quickly handle the situation. However, when hiring an outfitter, please do your due diligence as there are many scams out there.


          Hunting sika deer can be challenging as it can quickly disappear when it senses danger. There are many hunting methods used to hunt sika deer. Some are more practical than others as sika deer covers a lot of ground very quickly.

Still hunting, spot & stalk, using predator calls and bait are some of the hunting methods and strategies used when hunting sika deer.

Additionally, you can consider hirng an outfitter who has the experience and knowledge for hunting sika deer. They know the behavior of sika deer in the area, where they reside, what they eat, when they come out, and the best hunting methods and weapons. In this article, we discussed tips to help you be successful when hunting sika deer.


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