Mobile Battle Royale games are today’s trend and they seem to be here for the long haul. The past couple years saw the rise of mobile gaming. More noticeable is starting from the launch of PUBG that came first on console and PC. The came PUBG Mobile which proved to be a massive success since its launch. PUBG Mobile had everyone with Android 5.1.1 or above hooked to their phones. Within few months, Call of Duty Mobile, the most popular first-person shooter PC game’s mobile debut. Call of Duty Mobile was launched globally on 2 October. But it has taken over PUBG Mobile and Fortnite in terms of total downloads.

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Call of Duty’s Popularity on The Rise

The launch of Call of Duty Mobile saw instant and overwhelming response. Since COD has already been a popular game years ago, the mobile version’s release was a much awaited event of current time. There was a doubt whether it will overtake PUBG Mobile. So it appears that more people downloaded COD Mobile than they did PUBG Mobile(and by a huge margin). As per reports in Business Insider (Sensor Tower), Call of Duty mobile has surpassed PUBG Mobile with its first-week download numbers. COD Mobile officially broke a record with a whopping 100 million downloads! Yup, that’s how many downloads it got in the first seven days of its release.

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

COD Mobile Downloaded More Than PUBG Mobile

What was PUBG Mobile’s numbers again? In case you’re wondering, COD Mobile is received 5 times the amount of downloads PUBG and even Fortnite got in their debut week. No wonder the new game in town has long history with gamers. This is a huge win for TiMi Studios and Tencent considering the massive margin between Call of Duty and its competitors. More importantly, are you aware who did it?

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Android Users Account for Less Than Half iOS Downloads

Call of Duty Mobile downloads by numbers stood at 44.3% for Android users while iOS contributes for more than half of the players. Indians formed the second-largest users after the US. To be fair, Fortnite’s user base was only iOS users. The margin falls into perspective when you compare it to PUBG’s download numbers which were 28 million in the first week. Moreover, the recently launched Mario Kart Tour came in close to Call of Duty with 90 million downloads.

Call of Duty Mobile’s revenue is going up at a crazy pace with $17.7 million in earnings so far and it’s no surprise. But one thing to note is that this does not mean COD mobile beats PUBG Mobile. We are only taking into account the number of downloads from Playstore and Appstore here.

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