Fortnite was down for a an update. Chapter 2 is here. Welcome to the new age in Fortnite. On Tuesday, gamers saw the black hole cliffhanger resolved with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2. 

The popular battle royale game was offline for almost 40 hours this past weekend as part of a dramatic event that ended season 10. Fortnite’s seasons, which last 10 weeks, often end with a big finale that launches the next season, bringing new challenges and other updates. But this time it’s unique. Players had never seen anything like Season 10’s event, The End – the game became unplayable after the island got sucked into the darkness of the black hole. 

Chapter 2 is Here

When the game returned, instead of getting season 11, players got a major overhaul that developer Epic Games is calling Chapter 2. The game has a new map with a lot more water and 13 new locations around the island. There are also new weapons, characters and in-game actions like being able to swim or carry other players. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 is here

We’re just a few hours into Chapter 2 gameplay, and Fortnite fans are already sharing their first impressions about the game’s major update. Do you have one to share?

Changes in the New Chapter

So let’s take a look at the main changes in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Upgrade weapons for materials at workbenches

We’re still trying to find them all, but a good portion of POIs and landmarks on Fortnite Chapter 2’s map have a workbench on location. By spending some materials (wood, brick, metal), you can upgrade the equipped weapon to the next rarity level. They’re there for a purpose. Rare weapons are actually rare in Chapter 2. It pays to pay the 250 mats across the board for a golden SCAR or sniper rifle. Matches can come down to minimum differences in damage output, so why not upgrade your weapon?

The fishing pole can pull other players towards you  

This could be an efficient means of harassing friends. Maybe it’s possible to pull players out of cover? Look for players turtling in a one-by-one and hook ’em right on out? Big trout? Word is it doesn’t work on downed players, well, it just doesn’t. Now you can fish for your incapacitated friends, pulling them closer to you without risking yourself.

Fortnite Chapter 2 New Features

Swim like the dolphin in your soul

In order to do this, just tap jump after diving underwater. This will turn your character into an elegant aquatic creature. They’ll give a hard kick and leap out of the water. Keep it up, rhythmically tapping jump and you’ll get a nice speed boost and be much harder to hit. It’s an excellent way to escape gunfire or outrun the storm.  Swim.

Now queue into another game without returning to the lobby

Many of you might not have noticed this one. When your games end abruptly, getting back in right away is a godsend. Fortnite forever, no rests, no interruptions—the chain shall forever remain unbroken. But really, don’t forget to hit the ‘Go outside’ button on occasion, too. 

We hope there will surely be more features. Update today and play the game. You should see for yourself, really.

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