Different cloud storage services are always going to have their own unique quirks and styles, which is one of the reasons it can be so difficult to compare the different cloud storage services. How can you effectively compare two things that are relatively similar, but still very individual? How can you know what’s the best for your needs? If you’ve been looking at cloud backup reviews, here are four things you can use to compare different cloud backup services.

  1. Yearly Cost

Probably the first thing that people are going to do to compare cloud backup services is look at the yearly cost. Although a higher cost isn’t necessarily a bad thing, most people aren’t looking forward to spending a lot of money on their cloud storage services, which means they’re going to be looking for a lower price. Plus, if you can get a lower price with a higher quality, that’s always going to be a great option.

  1. Support for Mac and PC

This is much more individually based on whether you have a Mac or a PC. Obviously, you need an option that’s going to cater to your specific needs, and that means you need a Mac cloud backup service if you have a Mac, and a Windows one if you have a PC. Remember that this might be a bit hidden; services might be available on both, but certain elements of the storage service may only be available on Mac or PC.

  1. Tech and General Reviews

Another way to understand the differences between cloud storage services is to see what people think of it. This goes for both tech reviewers and general reviewers. Tech reviewers are going to be seeing it from the angle of their technological expertise, while the general public is going to be seeing it from the angle of a regular person on the street. Either way, this can help you get an idea of whether one type of cloud backup service is more well-received than others.

  1. Extras and Specialties

Lastly, it’s often a good idea to look at some of the company’s specialties and extras. For example, does the cloud backup service offer the ability to look at previous versions of a file? Does the service allow you to get a hard drive with your data on it sent to your home? Is two-factor authentication an option for your account? These extras and specialties may be beneficial to you or they might not; it’s extremely individualized to every backup service.


Even though everyone has their own preferences when it comes to cloud storage services, there are some services that tend to be recommended more frequently to the general public. These tend to be low-cost cloud storage services that offer a lot of individuality and are great when it comes to customer satisfaction. With these four points, you can more easily compare different cloud storage services, even if they’re fairly different.