Disney Plus Stopped Giving a free 7-day trial to the New Subscribers

Disney plus free trial

Disney plus free trial is now end and going to charge people. New subscribers are required to pay for their service. Earlier, all the new subscribers were given an option to use the platform for free for seven days. However, Disney is now ruling out these seven days of free trails before Hamilton’s release.

The free trial is now not available in the States. If you are based out of the US and are new to the platform, then you will have to pay to use their service. As soon as you sign up, it will redirect you to the payment page, asking you to pay the required amount.

According to a spokesperson of Disney, he stated that they are continuing to test various marketing offers and discounts. They will be running the promotional offers to expand their outreach. The service of the free trial was given to attract viewers and analyze their approach. However, with its emerging success, they believe that their strategy would deliver prosperous results.

With the release of Hamilton scheduled in a few weeks, the timing for stopping the free services does make sense. As per the pricing details, if you are signing up to watch Hamilton, you will have to pay about $6.99 per month. Similarly, you can also opt for a $12.99 plan that will give you ESPN and Hulu subscription for free.

Currently, Disney Plus is having over 50 million subscribers across the world. A few markets where Disney Plus is ruling involve the UK, Germany, Spain, Austria, India, and Switzerland. The official statement will be available on the official website of Disney soon.

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