Zoom to give Strong end-to-end Encryption to Paid accounts

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Reportedly, Zoom is with encryption. (the video conferencing platform) Zoom is planning to provide stronger encryption to its premium customers’ video calls. It will not be for all of its accounts. As per a company’s spokesperson, Zoom’s end-to-end encryption approach is in progress.

Zoom with encryption

The company is working on everything from drafting cryptographic design to continued discussions. This is where customers would benefit from this step. Moreover, the video conferencing platform, Zoom gained popularity during the lockdown period amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This platform turned out to be a boon for several organizations including educational institutions and offices.

Soon after its popularity, the platform faced criticism over security issues. The issues include Zoombombing, where an uninvited member intrudes the meeting and disrupts it with porn content or any other offensive content.

To improve security measures, the company has come up with the end-to-end encryption approach. This would exclude invaders to enter in a meeting. However, this would exclude customers who call in from phone lines. A much secure and tighter encryption would not allow Zoom’s own security teams to add themselves to calls to help customers in real-time.

The company had announced that after May 30th, all the users on older versions would get a forced 5.0 version update. It will happen when they join meetings as GCM encryption would be completely enabled across the entire platform.

For now, Zoom has prepared a draft paper that outlines some of its encryption plans. Moreover, it has also announced the hold on securing messaging and file-sharing service Keybase. Furthermore, it’s been done as part of its 90-day pledge to consider the privacy and security issues faced by users with their own platform.

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