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How Court sentence death over a Video Conference

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video conference in Singapore Court sentence death.

How video conference help Singapore court. Amid the prevailing lockdown due to pandemic COVID-19, people’s lives have come to a halt. But technology has played a significant role during this tough time to keep things work like before. Several organizations used video conferencing platforms but Singapore took it to another level.

Video conference
Video conference

Singapore court pronounced a death sentence over a video conference on Zoom (a video conferencing platform). Soon after this inhumane gesture, Singapore is facing criticism for being cruel. A 37-year-old Malaysian drug trafficker, Punithan Genasan was sentenced to hang for being guilty over the trafficking of at least 28.5 grams heroin.

Under the city-state’s anti-drug laws, such crime is punishable with a death sentence. To clarify, the Supreme Court said that it was the first time when they sentenced death for a criminal case conducted over video conference remotely. The hearing was conducted remotely for the safety of the people involved in the proceedings.

Though video conference app Zoom has gained popularity for conducting online classes to virtual business meetings during worldwide lockdown conditions, Human Rights Watch found it inhumane to pronounce capital punishment on it. The organization’s deputy Asia director Phil Robertson strongly condemned Singapore’s use of remote technology for the death penalty.
He said that the prosecutors and the court are so emotionless. And there is a failure to see that a man facing the death penalty has the right to mark his presence in the court to sue his accusers.

Singapore follows the culture of the death penalty. It believes that this legacy of British colonial rule is necessary to intimidate criminals and discourage them from committing crimes. But, the Human Rights group is working against it and longing for it to be abolished.

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