Backgammon is among the oldest games, and it is loved by players from all over the world. Two players compete in the game of backgammon, which is played on a board made up of twenty-four tiny triangles known as points. The game’s goal is to bear off all of your checkers after moving them into your home board. The winner of the game is the first person to bear off all of their checkers.

Thanks to the advancements in the gaming industry, you can play backgammon online. This article explores the best websites you can play backgammon online. Let’s explore them.

  • VIP Backgammon

VIP Backgammon is a better option if you want a more modern style. The site is a part of the more extensive VIP Games network, which offers numerous popular card and board game online adaptations. On a sleek, wooden-style board, you can play against the computer in the backgammon portion. Here too, you have the option to double your score.

One significant distinction is that each round has a timer, necessitating quick thinking and movement. Moreover, VIP provides many more social opportunities, such as playing with friends and participating in tournaments. Remember that you need chips for competitions, which you earn from each play session. Also, your income is based on how effectively you compete with human or artificial intelligence opponents.

In this app, you can create a profile, advance in rank, and compete against other backgammon enthusiasts. Of course, each game gets more thrilling as you improve.

  • 247 Backgammon

It’s pretty easy to learn and play traditional backgammon on this website, and it’s also free. You can play versus an AI opponent or a live opponent at various levels of difficulty. Nevertheless, the second choice is limited to pass-and-play situations. A smartphone would function just as well as a PC because two players must share the same screen to advance in the game.

The digital backgammon board has great, straightforward aesthetic and many features to keep things fresh. The board, for instance, indicates which checkers you can move and where when you roll the dice. A doubling cube is another tool you have at your disposal; it increases a player’s ultimate score by up to 64 times. So be careful not to overreact. Play at your own pace and read the website’s instructions.

  • Backgammon Galaxy

When you’re comfortable with the rules, you might wish to concentrate more on live games. While playing against a machine is perfectly acceptable, the experience is different when you know that a real person is on the opposite side of the virtual board.

Backgammon Galaxy is ideal for the job because it only allows players online. You can start or join a session with users from around the world. You compete against a timer at varying speeds and earn points to go up the leaderboard, among other features.

Although points are not required to participate in tournaments like those on VIP Backgammon, the competition is nonetheless intense. Before you get started, be sure you can handle the challenge. In addition, the website allows you to watch sessions if you don’t feel like playing but still want to learn. By observing more seasoned players’ strategies, you can improve your backgammon skills.