Tesla Newest Feature will Slow your Car at Traffic Signals

Tesla is now coming up with a new feature that will allow cars to see traffic lights, stop signs, and many more signals. According to the sign, you can respond to it as well. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has been working on this feature for years now. Moreover, the update is available for all the Tesla car owners who are having the third version of the car.

Tesla car

The third version of the car has computer systems, Autopilot options, and many more features. With this feature, the car owners can see the traffic signs and signals from a distance and respond it accordingly. People who are having these “Hardware 3” cars can install this feature right now and make the most out of it.

After the installation of this product, you can activate it that will help you in slowing down the car. The car automatically reduces the speed when a traffic signal or stop signs are approaching. However, the drivers have to control the accelerator to control the speed of the car. Moreover, you can also activate this feature when you are driving in Autopilot mode.

The CEO of the company also said that the Autopilot will still not be able to perform turns. Also, the new feature doesn’t work on all the intersections. This means that you will yet have to use the accelerators, and the breaks when necessary. Furthermore, Tesla will be launching a series of updates in the “beta” version. Stay tuned for more updates!

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