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Get Rs.200 Coupon Free for PUBG Mobile In-Game Purchase

Rs.200 Coupon Free for PUBG Mobile

Here’s some good news for PUBG Mobile Android players. Google is giving out a discount coupon of Rs 200 for buying in-game items in PUBG MOBILE through Google play. The coupon is only valid for a limited period of time. Let’s see how to claim this Rs.200 Coupon free for PUBG Mobile for your in-game purchases and upgrades. The coupon is however, not available for iOS users.

Get Rs.200 Coupon Free from Google Play

If you are an active PUBG MOBILE player, then you know how precious in-game purchases are. While many players don’t like to spend a dime, for most active players, it’s a matter of pride to get upgrades and rare finds. If you have been spending real money on PUBG Mobile, Google is going generous and giving some extra cash to spare for buying in-game items. Yes, if you don’t believe it, head over to the Google Play Store and navigate to the Notifications sections, where you will be notified of the offer. However, as always, there are terms and conditions for this offer. First, let us tell you that you can get Rs.200 coupon absolutely free.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 and Rs.200 Coupon Offer

How to Claim Your Rs.200 Coupon From Google Play

First and foremost, you should know that this is a discount coupon for purchasing in-game items. So don’t try your witty trick by claiming this coupon and spending it elsewhere or for some other purpose. This coupon being introduced for PUBG MOBILE players, you will have to first purchase something from the PUBG MOBILE store and then get a discount on the overall price. The discount is worth Rs 200 and it is applicable to anything that you purchase from the PUBG MOBILE game upgrades and items.

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One very important term of the coupon is that the discount is applicable on any item from the Royal Pass Season 10 or any in-game item that costs Rs 350. So, note that the cheapest item you can buy in the game with UC points from Rs 350 and you can avail a discount of Rs 200 on your purchase. Effectively, you get an extra UC points for an effective price of Rs 150.

Head Over to Google Play Now

In order to avail the Rs 200 discount, players need to visit the Play Store and check for a new notification under the Notifications section. You will see the coupon listed here, stating “Enjoy Rs 200 off from Play in PUBG MOBILE.” Once you click on the ‘Claim now’ button, you will have to open the game and go ahead with any purchase. While making the payment via the Google Play Store, the discount coupon will be applied and players will get Rs 200 off.

Final Words

The free Rs.200 coupon is applicable on any Season 10 purchases which means players will have to avail the benefits for in-game items during the Royale Pass Season 10 only. Season 9 has ended and the new Season 10 update comes with a couple of extra new features, including a new map for the Deathmatch mode, new vehicle and weapon for the Vikendi map, lots of new skins and clothes. So go ahead and redeem that free coupon. How else will you get a Rs.200 Coupon Free for PUBG Mobile game?

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