Zoom with Google Duo for Group Video calling, In a time when the Corona pandemic has become omnipresent, going to office has become a dream. Also, all the office works are getting done from home; the demand for video calling apps is at an all-time high. All the official meetings, friends’ chit chat, family get together, school classes are happening on these video calling apps.

Zoom with Google Duo for Group Video calling

Zoom with google duo

They are putting their best effort to give their users more and more features, competing with each other to capture more and more market share. In this race Google duo has come with a new feature of invite links on mobile, attracting users of Zoom and other video-conferencing app giving them a better option.

Google’s plan and strategy were to develop and present Google Duo as a common people app. Moreover, it was focused more on mobile users. But keeping in view high demand and COVID pandemic Google is making the app more users viable for business too.

Recently it had improved call quality with supporting the new AV1 codec as well as 12 people on a call. In May itself Google had announced about these new upcoming features.

This new feature will enable people to add people directly to your Duo call via a dedicated invite link. The feature is now limited only to mobile users (Both Android and iOS). This indicates that anyone with a pc can’t connect to your call unless he uses a Chromebook or an Apple laptop.

It is confirmed that the invite link feature is available on the older version of the app. Google has already released the family mode for onscreen doodling and masks inspired by Snapchat effects. There is a possibility Google will add more features to this video conferencing app.

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