Taylor swift
Taylor swift

Taylor Swift the sensational American singer and songwriter, Taylor swift is making headlines for selling her one of the private jets. As per the reports, she has reduced her private air force to half by selling a Dassault Falcon 50. This leaves her now with a larger Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900.

The sold jet, which she reportedly had bought back in 2012, was transferred its registration from SATA LLC in Nasheville to a new entity named BoneDoc Aviation LLC. The company’s name SATA is believed to be the initials of her family members’ names- father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor, and her brother Austin.

According to Federal Aviation Association’s (FAA) records, her Falcon 50 was switched over to BoneDoc Aviation, LLC. BoneDoc flaunted its new jet by sharing a photo on its Facebook page. The date of sale is March 16th, 2020 when much of the country was about to enter its lockdown mode amid pandemic COVID-19.

It’s unknown how much she initially paid for the jet, but similar jets cost around $1 to 6 million. Reportedly, she had paid $40 million to buy her other jet, the Falcon 900 back in 2011.

Well, this highest-paid singer always manages to get into headlines either for her luxuries or her fashion and hair game. At the beginning of this year, she flaunted her one of the boldest haircuts for Vogue magazine. Her looks with bleached blonde bob channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe.
She had also impressed her fans with a short hair makeover. It was for the Sundance Film Festival. Her curly bob with her bangs pushed to the side and signature red lipstick turned heads once again.

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