If eating sweet treats means losing weight and having a healthier body then sign me up, and the majority of gym-goers too I would think. And if this sounds too good to be true then fear not, because being fit and active can now include those childhood sweet-treat shapes we know as gummy bears. Yes, you heard correct.

But, before you stockpile your favorite flavor from the generic supermarket stores there is one difference with these jelly molds, they are an organic, all-natural alternative to your traditional medicines or health supplements.

How so I hear you asking amongst yourselves, and it is quite simple, we are talking about the increasingly popular ingredient known as CBD or Cannabidiol in the world of science. This plant compound is extracted from the Hemp plant and is used around the world in a large variety of products but is proving increasingly popular in the culinary world. 

Food and beverage.

Cooking has certainly evolved and developed over the centuries with new ingredients being discovered daily or the properties of existing ones being implemented in varying ways to add a new twist to dishes and techniques. And when it comes to CBD it is no different.

This plant compound has been used in health remedies and medicinal aids since as early as the Egyptian and Ancient Chinese reign era’s and documents have shown to have done so with much success. See here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_medical_cannabis#:~:text=1550%20BC)%20from%20Ancient%20Egypt%20describes%20medical%20cannabis.&text=The%20ancient%20Egyptians%20used%20hemp,cannabis%20to%20treat%20sore%20eyes for a long list of successful uses by cultures spanning the globe and the ailments it helped. 

Emperors would use it for the treatment of gout and inflammation of the joints to infusing the CBD oil into topical and creams to massage into the skin to help alleviate stiff muscles and menstrual cramps. The leaves, flowers, and other components of the plant have been added to tea and left to steep, small sips throughout the day helped treat stress, episodes of anxiety, and improve overall mood. 

Who knew that a humble plant could offer the world so many advantages, and with the advancement in technology we continue to learn more about its genetic makeup and how it can be used to our benefit. The latest phase is a tribute to the fitness world and how it helps athletes to general gym enthusiasts have an improved active lifestyle. 

And due to its versatility, it is being added to jelly gummy molds to make their size more compact, easier to carry around in your bag, and that much more fun and appealing to eat. A bag of CBD gummy bears is quick and easy to pop in your gym bag for a boost before hitting the weights, or an after training muscle recovery aid.

Plants and training. 

If you have been going to the gym for the majority of your life like so many people then you have more than likely looked for help from time to time. It could have been in the form of the latest training equipment, the fashion trend of what to wear (or not) to stand out from the crowd in your sauna spin class, or even a diet pill claiming to be the next best thing for weight loss.

The fact is we ideally need a product that looks and tastes good, but which has a positive effect on our lives too. And this is why CBD has proven to be so popular in recent years. It is natural and free from harmful or toxic chemicals and preservatives meaning it is suitable for all ages and demographics and can be utilized in a variety of ways.

If Cannabidiol has been on your radar for a while but you have been hesitant to give it a go or want to learn more about it first before jumping in, then navigate to this website for a deeper look into products that are available on the market and that could be suited to you and for your lifestyle. We know life can get busy and before you know it you are skipping breakfast, missing meals, and not getting the nutrients or essential vitamins you need.

Thankfully, CBD has all of these but without the negative spin on it from being infused or bulked up with flavorings or additives. What you see is essentially what you get, and when it comes to taking care of our bodies and health we need to focus more on quality as opposed to quantity, am I right?

A better understanding.

A better understanding.

CBD, as mentioned comes from the Hemp plant, but on reading more into it you may discover that it is part of the marijuana family and the mention of the word is what puts people off. What they fail to continue reading about is that although it comes from the same plant and family, like with all things, there are two sides to the story. 

Yes, Cannabidiol is one part of the complete picture and the ingredient we use with increasingly successful results, the other half, however, is known as THC and this is the element responsible for the hallucinogenic and euphoria feeling you get when consuming it. Be sure to click this link to learn more about the differences between the two irrespective of what you decided afterward, at least you will have a perspective from both sides.

And if you have tried everything else then CBD may be just what you need to elevate your gym sessions, less pain the next day, overall improved flexibility, and little to no inflammation from damaged muscles. An ingredient that is changing lives around the world.


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