It often only takes minimal adjustments to make a room look fresher and more luxurious. With these easy tricks, your visitors won’t want to leave and stay with you to enjoy Bet22.

Every now and then, little things just need to be replaced: Walls need an upgrade or maybe even the floors. But how? Fortunately, simple tricks can help make your apartment look more valuable. And with the right color, you’ll give your rooms even more personality. We’ve got small but sweet interior hacks for you that will give your home that certain something.


  1. tile borders and chic patterns

Similar to a border, you can run tiles in a narrow strip across the wall. They give a completely different impression right away. If you prefer a cheaper alternative, there are tile stickers wonderful to conjure up a completely different look in the apartment or house in small DIY projects. For example, an old staircase will shine in new splendor with the stylish detail.

For old-looking tables or chests of drawers, this decorating hack also makes a great addition – for example, with a colorful tile look. This way, you can spice up old-looking pieces and enjoy them again.

Of course, if you prefer it more plain, you can go for a more muted version. For example, by adding a new edge to the edge of the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen that contrasts with the rest – or by adding a little colorful highlight in the middle of your existing tiles.

  1. Swap out old things

Fresh looks can go a long way. Ditch the old towels and bring on the high-end new ones – or how about swapping out your old shower curtains or bedding for stylish new ones?

By the way, you don’t have to throw away the old stuff, rather donate it (if the materials are still intact and in order). When choosing new looks, keep in mind that simple designs tend to look more upscale and elegant, while fancy patterns add more life and individuality to your space. Of course, you can vary between the two styles just as much. If you’d prefer to change very little instead of a new bedding set, you can also throw on a chic bedspread.

  1. Exciting elements for the wall

It doesn’t always have to be an exciting new color or a large painting that beautifies the wall. If you want to treat yourself to a completely different look, you can even change the texture of the surface. Possibilities offer, among other things, different sections of wallpaper, which can be nicely arranged as another plus for the eye. But with a little DIY work, you can also quickly create a chic style of wood and paint.

Keep in mind, however, that you might want to talk to your rental company about this kind of wall embellishment – or think in advance about not getting your deposit back in parts, or investing a little more work when you move out. But let’s be honest: As a new tenant we would have taken over the wall directly.

  1. Decorative curtains, where there are none yet.

Long curtains to the right and left of the window look elegant and become another accessory of your apartment. They decorate the previously still bare window front and can transparently, for example, provide a pleasant incidence of light (among other things, also with special color).

  1. Mix natural materials

Different types of wood can often be excellently combined with each other. Most of the time we just don’t dare to do it. But the mix gives your room more variety and with a chic wood look we often feel a little more calm and sheltered. Just look at some examples online before you decide on your favorite look and choose appropriate pieces.

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