Razer Viper gaming mouse announced: a lightning-fast mouse that weighs just 69 grams

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Razer has been a very popular brand in the gaming industry when it comes to PCs, and PC accessories. The company sells everything from gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mouses as well as mousepads. Recently, Razer has started to sell gaming smartphones as well. However, Razer also innovates in the gaming industry from time to time as well.

In its recent innovation, Razer has announced a new gaming mouse called Viper in collaboration with eSports players. This gaming mouse from Razer is lightning fast and not just Razer claims it. The mouse has already been tested by gaming professionals and they also say the same. Now, we will understand what makes the Razer Viper so fast.

First of all, Razer Viper uses its optical mouse switches which are claimed to be three times as fast as mechanical switches. When we talk about Mechanical switches, they send electrical signals via physical contact which creates a momentary bouncing effect. The problem, however, is that it might register more clicks then you have actually made. The problem can be solved using a debounce software which is already done.

However, optical switches do not have this problem because the working mechanism for an optical switch is different. When you click, the switch shutter opens, and an infrared light beam passes through to send your click signal to your PC. This eliminates the problem of multiple clicks even when you have clicked once.

Also, the Razer Viper is the lightest gaming mouse from the company at just 69 grams. This should please all the FPS gamers out there. Razer is claiming that the Viper is extremely durable too. Because the gaming mouse is claimed to have a lifetime of 70 million clicks. Professional CS: GO players have also tested the Razer Viper and they say that the mouse feels “smoother and faster”

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