In recent years, online casinos have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, especially since the introduction of live table games. Live games quickly became viable alternatives to brick-and-mortar casinos, especially considering how widely available they are. 

These games are helping the gambling market expand, turning it into a £122 billion industry by 2030. Looking to know what makes live table games unique? Check out why more players prefer Casumo live casino games than traditional land-based options. 


Live table games are perfect for players looking for a thrilling experience. Alternatively, they’re also great for those searching for a relaxed and sociable gambling session. Learn about some of the advantages of live casino games below:

Live Chat Interaction

Live table games are the ultimate online casino social experience. They allow you to chat with the dealer and other players, contributing to enjoyable times. The love for casino games is a great reason to bond with other players over the Internet. 

Guaranteed Fairness

Unlike land-based casinos, live casino game providers are regularly audited by third-party organisations such as BMM Testlabs and iTech Labs. By testing fairness, these entities can ensure players are kept safe and secure. Online casinos are also monitored and licensed by gambling commissions like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Unique Bonuses

Unless you’re a VIP player, you probably won’t grab any special bonuses at a traditional casino. However, all players can enjoy unique bonuses to improve their live gambling experience in online casinos. Bonuses range from deposit offers to exciting free bets, not to mention the occasional no deposit bonus. 

Latest Casino Technology

Live tables are the most technologically-advanced casino games, incorporating features such as high-quality streaming and extensive table records. For instance, when you’re playing live roulette, casinos allow you to check the past numbers, odds and other vital statistics to help you make your choice.


Despite its long list of advantages, live casino games also have a few drawbacks compared to traditional casinos. Get to know them:

Higher Bets

Due to their technological advancements, live casino games are costly to operate. Thus, providers must increase the minimum bet compared to traditional casino options. As such, live casino games may not be for every budget.

Slower Gameplay

One of the main benefits of online casinos is being able to multitask – i.e. playing on several tables simultaneously, listening to music or chatting with friends. However, that advantage can also be a drawback; live table games are sometimes delayed by players who take longer to make their decisions.

Table Availability

Much like traditional casinos, live tables are also subject to availability. You may have to wait a few minutes to get a spot at these exciting games.


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