Headshot photography trends you should know

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Creative industries are constantly changing, and photography is no exception. Every year new trends arise, and some are left in the dust. To keep your business headshot photography up to date, it is important to know what is going on in the industry. Have a look at FrameShot for an overview of modern headshot photography styles.

 Here are some of the headshot photography trends that you should pay attention to.

Forget about boring backgrounds

2022 is all about being unique, and headshots are no exception. The labour market is more competitive than ever, so it is crucial to find ways to stand out amongst the crowd. But being unique is not only important for job seekers. Across many sectors, companies are looking to position themselves in a more creative way. 

That also applies to how they present their staff. So how can your headshot photography be more unique? A simple thing you can start with is to ditch the old pop-up white background and opt for something more colourful.

Use your office space

If you look at corporate photographs for top companies, you would most likely see they all use office space as a backdrop. Nowadays, it is nothing unusual to do headshot photography outside of studios. In fact, meeting rooms and front reception can be an excellent background. 

As long as you have good lighting, there is no reason you shouldn’t use it. By taking the photographs in a unique environment, you can find cooler angles, which is always nice.

Get your hair and makeup done

Long gone are the days when taking a headshot was just a pure formality. Nowadays, having a professional headshot is crucial as it is often the first impression others get. That is why you should prepare for the shooting day by putting on some makeup and fixing your hair.

 Generally, you shouldn’t go too far from the truth. That means that too much makeup and a crazy hairstyle can have a negative impact as well. Try to go for a natural look that makes you look like the polished version of yourself, not a different person.

Avoid self-taken photos

At first, it might seem easier to take the headshot yourself, but that is a strong ‘no’ if you want to look professional. Investing in good photography will pay off in the long term. A headshot photographer has sufficient equipment and has knowledge of the subject. 

Taking headshots is tricky. Not all photographers are capable of creating them. That is why it is best to choose a cameraman who is specialised in this specific niche since they have all the tricks to bring out the best in you.

Less polished, more realism

The past year has brought a new visual epoch. In 2022, photography is focusing on realism. That doesn’t mean there is less work for photographers. To achieve a good result, post-production is still needed. Rugged or atypical beauty and authentic look are what is considered trendy now.

 So what does it mean for headshot photography? Like stated before, bringing out the uniqueness of each person is more important than ever.

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