Google release new algorithm update

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Google algorithm update
Google algorithm update

Google search update

A new google algorithm update from Google has been announced this Monday for May. The second update of the year 2020, this google algorithm update has come up after the January Update. Google releases core updates on its algorithm every few months. The announcement includes a broad-core update to the algorithm, calling it the May 2020 Core Update.

Before this update, Google successfully launched its January 2020 Core Update that covered updates to local rankings. This year, with the pandemic, Google also launched its update that is now felt by most of the people. With NASDAQ: GOOGL and GOOG joining hands with the FinTech game, the new google algorithm update is quite shocking for a few.

Google is blocking crypto-based content after launching its update. It is happening mostly because Google is creating its smart debit card to compete with others, notably Apple Inc. According to a research report, the new google algorithm update is going to block all the news and content that talks about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins.

As Google owns YouTube as well, the channels that talk about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are also facing the heat. The views across the channels are dropping by 90 percent. It is also hitting crypto news outlets to a significant extent.
According to a YouTuber, he says that he has never come across this situation before. He further added that about 100,000 of his subscribers are stating that they cannot see the content anymore. People are facing issues with the update, as most of the content is being censored by Google now.

Also, many other channels are likely facing the same problem because of the contents being censored and blocked. If Google continues this censorship, there will be no other option for people apart from using another platform.

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