Microsoft bringing Google Assistant support to the Xbox One

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Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that is made as a product of Artificial intelligence. This is available on mobile phones and smart home devices. Earlier, Google Now another assistant could interact in only one way conversation but Google Assistant can interact in two-way conversations. You can interact with Google Assistant with your natural voice however you can also type and it would help you out.

Google, has been very curious about AI and has been deriving to use it productively. Now that Microsoft has incorporated Google Assistant into Xbox. This means that now you would be able to launch games, open and close apps with Google Assistant. However, this is only available in beta mode but we expect a full launch later this year. To avail the beta mode here are a few steps you can follow to get this new feature on your Xbox;

  • Join our Google Group with the Google Account you intend to use
  • Sign in to your Xbox
  • In the Google Home app for iOS or Android:
  • Tap “+ Add”
  • Tap “Set up device”
  • Tap “Have something already set up?”
  • Search for and select “[beta] Xbox”
  • Sign in with the Microsoft account you use on Xbox
  • Follow the instructions to link your Xbox and give it a device name

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to use the assistant to control the actions. What is better than this that you can now play, pause, launch games, turn up the volume or instruct to close the Xbox? Moreover, when you have got the beta package you have to use some specific instructions to control the Xbox from your iOS or Android phones. These are the few instructions that can be used, other commands can be found at the Xbox Insider Subreddit. The manual on this site would give you a whole list of instructions and the troubleshooting procedure with set up instructions. The few instructions to guide you are as follows;

  • “Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, turn on Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, turn off Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, pause on Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, resume on Xbox.”
    • “Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.”
  • “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.”
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With the change in the capabilities of AI, the future seems to be a brighter place to be at. Microsoft is also working to give you an assistant for Windows too. Let’s see what the future holds for technology lovers. Bet you would like this feature to be used for Xbox.

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