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‘PUBG’ cross-platform play arrives on PS4 and Xbox One

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PUBG is an abbreviation for PlayerUnknown’s Backgrounds is based on a royale battle which is an old Japanese movie. PUBG is an online multiplayer game. It is a product of PUBG Corporation which is subordinate to a Korean developer, Bluehole. In 2017, PUBG was released for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Studios for Xbox One in the same month. For Android and iOS, a free-to-play version was developed and released in 2018 with a port to be connected to PlayStation 4. PlayerUnknown’s Backgrounds sold over fifty-million copies globally in 2018 making to the top of most-played and best-selling video games worldwide.

Good News for PUBG Players

The good news for the PUBG players is that now you can battle cross-platform which would certainly expand the match-making pool. Cross-platform is the latest concept that has gained huge fan-base. With this, you can play with the players using different game hardware. PUBG announced earlier this month that now the Xbox and PlayStation 4 players could come face-to-face in PUBG. However, the drawback over here is that if you are playing on Xbox and want to be matched with your friend who has PlayStation 4, this would not be possible. It is because PUBG is still working on to build a cross-party feature that would allow match-making to take place through cross-platforms.

Now you have to decide for yourself, whether you want to evade the players in other parts or hunt them down in their ecosystem by using the gameplay settings. The ranking of all the console players will be shown on the leaderboards. It can also show the players from similar platforms. Also, the players will have an icon displayed next to their ID, whether they are using PlayStation 4 or Xbox to show what platform they are using.

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PUBG Crossover With Other Games

PUBG has joined hands with the games that have a cross-play feature such as Fortnight, Dauntless, Paladins, Smite and Realm Royale. The new update of PUBG has added new tracker of progress known as the Survival Mastery. This would award the players when they have practiced the combat and will give a detailed review of their combat. In addition to this, a new weapon is also added. That is a double-barrelled, pump-action DBS shotgun. This will be used to shoot in close encounters because it shoots 2 shots together. Also, PUBG has resolved the bugs in the game and has fixed the usage of some of its weapons. Moreover, you can now use the healing items while you are walking too because earlier we had to stop to heal ourselves.

Let us hope that the new update is well made and will be a treat for the players.

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