Huawei Smart Glasses to Go on Sale on September 6: Starting at 1999 YUAN ($284)

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At the unveiling event of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro flagship phones earlier this year, Huawei had also announced the first Huawei Smart Glasses in collaboration with well-known South Korean eyewear firm referred to as Gentle Monster. At that time, the Huawei had only revealed the features of its eyewear.

While everybody was expecting some accessories to be launched alongside the Flagship series Huawei P30 Pro In Paris, no one expected a pair of smart glasses to be among them. But yes, the company announced smart glasses in partnership with glasses giant Gentle Monster. We can already say that they are not cloned versions of Google Glasses. Instead, these glasses are additional minimalist and work the environment without creating users look like a machine from the future.

Huawei Smart Glasses Gentle Monster

Price, Specifications and Availability of the Smart Glasses

The Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses are now officially listed. It comes in two models with the first one price at 1,999 Yuan ($212) and the other one at 2,499 Yuan ($354). It will be available for purchase starting from Sept. 6 in China. The eyewear comes in four styles. The images of each model show that Huawei has put a lot of emphasis on fashion. At the unveiling event, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Yu Richard had claimed that Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses are the least fusion of fashion and technology.

The temple of Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses has all the very important components such as antenna, charging module, chipset, a 2,200mAh battery and a pair of microphones. It options stereo speakers that are positioned higher than the ears. Sound on the temple also provides to the voice assistant.

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Features of the Gentle Monster

The Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses comes with an IP67 certified dustproof and waterproof body. The eyewear is often charged through its USB-C port. It can be charged wirelessly by putting the glasses within its leather case. It also has a charging cover, which is the world first for the company.

The Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses look to be first releasing within the Chinese market. Hopefully, it will be also coming back to international markets within the next few months. Huawei is expected to unveil AR glasses at the IFA 2019 tech trade show in Berlin, Germany within the coming month. There is a possibility that the Chinese firm might showcase the Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses at the upcoming IFA 2019.

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