OnePlus 7T Pro Review: Marginally Better Than 7T

OnePlus 7T Pro With Awesome Display Refresh Rate for PUBG

W’re all aware that OnePlus has a frantic release schedule of hardware since just few years back. Their flagship smartphones update every half yearly. OnePlus started introducing their ‘Pro’ model alongside the regular release in May, and we will read about OnePlus 7T Pro Review today.

OnePlus 7T came along side the Pro variant. If you already own the OnePlus 7 Pro, the there’s not much of an upgrade in the hardware here. So you may find that it’s not convincing to justify a new purchase. However, the OnePlus 7T Pro does have a slightly larger battery and a macro lens for an upgrade. The software will be back-ported to your handset so all of the digital benefits will be with you through an over the air update.

Apart from this, the screen, the battery charging, and the Oxygen OS software are the noticeable upgrades available in the OnePlus 7T Pro.

OnePlus 7T Pro: Impressive Display Refresh Rate

OnePlus went straight ahead in the competition with the 90Hz refresh on the OnePlus 7 Pro screen. A host of other smartphones followed suit and matched the manufacturer. Still, the OnePlus 7T Pro screen is one marvelous one. OnePlus also has the upper hand in number of feedback and experience from its install base that allows the screen to be much more user friendly compared to most other brands.

OnePlus 7T Pro Review

During usage, the display is just awesome. The faster refresh rate makes scrolling look smoother, allows games to feel more fluid with HD gaming supported, and the HDR10+ compatibility brings a better experience for streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Videos etc.

The screen is notchless, which I personally like, due to the pop-up selfie camera mounted along the top edge of the smartphone. The bezels are reduced to such a small extent at the top and bottom that this feels as close to a full screen display and still maintaining the grip.

The OnePlus 7T Pro similar curved edges seen on the OnePlus 7 Pro and other competing handsets. Although not much, it is noticeable in some situations. While navigating timelines and information based apps, the curve is essentially the scroll bar or the selvedge edge of the display. But when you go fullscreen video (say in YouTube) the same problems of light reflection that many will be familiar with are present. The smartphone in this scenario is comparable to most others, but this style of screen may be a dealbreaker for some.

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Battery Slightly Up, Warp Charge 30T

In the battery section, OnePlus has increased the battery capacity very slightly – from 4000mAh on the 7 Pro to 4085mAh on the 7T Pro. Although not much of a difference, there is a rapid charging system in the OnePlus 7T Pro. This is called Warp Charge 30T and OnePlus claims that the charging rate is 23 percent faster than the former’s charger.

90 Hz display/screen refresh rate OnePlus 7T Pro

It is noteworthy here that OnePlus has offloaded part of the quick charging system to the AC adaptor, so you won’t always get the full benefit of this charging system. It is at times like this that you realise the invisible benefit of quick charging.

The slight difference with the OnePlus 7T is in introducing a very similar feature set (notably the 90Hz screen, and the camera’s macro mode), and we still would like to see OnePlus go through the procedures for an IP certification to quantify the waterproofing on the device. But this is certainly a premium device with the absolute latest chip specifications and in demand features in this class.

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